vftb351THERE IS a spiritual sickness that runs through a certain segment of the upper class. Every now and then a story manages to break through, reporting dark deeds by wealthy and powerful people against young and helpless victims. This privileged class was referred to by the late investigative journalist David McGowan as The Pedophocracy.

We’re talking about organized pedophile rings where children are bought, sold, and traded like baseball cards. One of the hottest topics on social media in recent weeks involves evidence of an alleged pedophile ring based in Washington, D.C., around a popular pizza restaurant. The question is whether the evidence of Pizzagate rises to the level of plausibility.

That said, there are well-documented examples of this type of criminal behavior. Sadly, they appear to have faded from public consciousness.  Such as:

  • The Franklin Credit Union scandal
  • Jimmy Savile and British elites
  • The Hosanna Church case
  • Marc Dutroux, the “Belgian Beast”
  • McMartin Preschool case
  • The Presidio Preschool case

While #Pizzagate has attracted enough attention that major media outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post felt compelled to address it, in my opinion the evidence to make specific accusations against the people allegedly involved isn’t there yet. Where are the alleged victims?

Before you start accusing me of being disinfo, COINTELPRO, or a plant for the New World Order, take a deep breath. We’ve been doing this for more than ten years, and we get it. See here, here, and especially here.

Child trafficking, child pornography, and pedophile rings really do exist. And the problem isn’t limited to elites in the world of politics, business, or entertainment. It reaches into your neighborhood and maybe even into your family.

The problem is when VFTB and SkyWatchTV broadcast programs on this issue over the summer, featuring the work of MillionKids.org, a ministry devoted to rescuing actual missing children from a living hell, those programs were among the least watched and heard that we produced all year.

So is the outrage about Pizzagate really about kids being trafficked? Or is it because Internet vigilantes thought they could nail a scandal on close associates of Hillary Clinton?

Do we need to start making public (and potentially libelous) accusations against famous people to get some attention?

If you want to do something, try this:

  • Support the ministry of Opal Singleton and MillionKids.org (and watch the interviews with Opal to find out why I say this could be happening in your family)
  • Support the ministry of Royal Family Kids, which works with children in foster care at risk of ending up on the streets and on their backs — or worse
  • Support the ministry of Whispering Ponies Ranch and its new partnership with Royal Family Kids (and thank you)

Links you will find disturbing but informative:

This is just the tip of the iceberg — the perpetrators and alleged perpetrators sloppy enough to leave actionable evidence. But remember: We wrestle not against flesh and blood…

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