VFTB Live: Nick Bryant — The Franklin Scandal / Patrick Wood — Trilaterals Over Washington

Franklin Scandal

A NIGHT for railing against evil and injustice:  in the first hour, author Nick Bryant discusses what may be the most disturbing pedophile scandal in American history.  The Franklin Scandal touched a cherished institution, Boys Town, and reached the very highest levels of the American government.  For example, how is it possible that a pimp for teenage male prostitutes was able to take guests on midnight tours of the White House?

This video, produced by publisher TrineDay, sets the tone for The Franklin Scandal:

In the second hour, Patrick Wood, editor of The August Review and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, explains why Tuesday’s election doesn’t really change things in Washington, D.C.  The plan, Wood says, remains the same: to subsume the United States into a new global economic order.



  1. Thank you for the interview with Nick Bryant. I didn’t realize that another book was written about this case. Many Nebraska libraries carry the DeCamp book, I am recommending that they buy the Nick Bryant book as well.
    Blessings to you and Sharon!
    Dan Nieman

  2. Wow. Nick Bryant has done an amazing service by burrowing down and bringing this wicked story to light. Let there be no doubt how immense evil can be. Let there be no doubt how pervasive this evil is in our government – strong evidence that we live in Babylon with Washington DC as it’s seat.

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