VFTB 351: Gonz Shimura – #Pizzagate and the Pedophocracy

December 4, 2016

THERE IS a spiritual sickness that runs through a certain segment of the upper class. This privileged class was referred to by the late investigative journalist David McGowan as The Pedophocracy.


VFTB 317: Opal Singleton – Predators Using Tech to Get to our Kids

May 22, 2016

24/7 access to the Internet has given predators the means to contact and “groom” our children. Opal Singleton, president and CEO of MillionKids.org, explains how social media and Internet-connected video games are drawing young men and women into pornography, prostitution, or worse. […]

VFTB 294: Opal Singleton – Tech and Child Sex Trafficking

January 10, 2016

YOU MAY be allowing people into your kids’ bedrooms that you would never let past your front door. Opal Singleton, President and CEO of MillionKids.org and author of Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers, joins us to explain how tech is giving predators almost unrestricted access to our children. […]