DR. GREG REID returns this week to try to fit together the pieces of a very disturbing puzzle.

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TONIGHT WE address one of the darkest evils that plagues our world—sexual abuse of children.

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THERE IS a spiritual sickness that runs through a certain segment of the upper class. This privileged class was referred to by the late investigative journalist David McGowan as The Pedophocracy.

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Lucifer's Lodge

William H. Kennedy, author of Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium, joins us to discuss the global problem of organized pedophilia. We pick up our discussion of the 1980s Franklin Credit Union pedophile scandal and look atContinue Reading

Franklin Scandal

A NIGHT for railing against evil and injustice:  in the first hour, author Nick Bryant discusses what may be the most disturbing pedophile scandal in American history.  The Franklin Scandal touched a cherished institution, Boys Town, and reached the very highest levels of the American government.  For example, how isContinue Reading