In a wide-ranging interview recorded at the 2014 Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit, Paul McGuire, author of Standing Down Goliath, discusses the use of cutting edge technology to modify our perception of reality, destroy individuality, and realize the promise of the serpent — to be as gods.Continue Reading

Sharon K. Gilbert

OUR GUEST tonight is the only woman speaking this weekend at the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak. That just happens to be Sharon K. Gilbert, author of The Armageddon Strain, Winds of Evil, and Signs and Wonders, as well as chapters for the Tom Horn books Pandemonium’s Engine (“Dragon’s Breath”) and God’s Ghostbusters (“Your BrainContinue Reading

THE AGE-OLD war between good and evil may involve a plan to destroy the basic code that makes us human.  Doug Hamp, author of Corrupting the Image and one of the speakers at the upcoming Chicago Summit 3, joins us to discuss his theory that the fallen angels who rebelled againstContinue Reading


IN THE beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.  Shortly thereafter, He fashioned man in His image (discussion on what that really means is for another day).  And since then, it appears the non-flesh and blood enemy against whom we contend has been trying to corrupt the genetic code that makesContinue Reading

Corrupting the Image

SPECULATION ABOUT the prophesied Mark of the Beast often focuses on some type of ID tag or tracking technology, such as the controversial Verichip subdermal RFID implant. What if the mark is not a piece of hardware but a genetic marker — a change to the DNA of the willingContinue Reading