Sharon K.  GilbertOUR GUEST tonight is the only woman speaking this weekend at the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak. That just happens to be Sharon K. Gilbert, author of The Armageddon StrainWinds of Evil, and Signs and Wonders, as well as chapters for the Tom Horn books Pandemonium’s Engine (“Dragon’s Breath”) and God’s Ghostbusters (“Your Brain on Virtual Sin”).

Sharon graduated with a top-honors degree in biology with a molecular emphasis, and her talks this weekend focused on the work of some geneticists to “hack the ladder” — the double-helix of DNA.

In an interview recorded at the Prophecy Summit for the conference DVD, Sharon and Derek discuss eugenics, transhumanism, and the role of genetics in trying to improve on God’s design and fulfill the promise Lucifer made in the garden: “Ye shall be as gods.”

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Download a smaller, lower-fidelity version of the mp3 of this show by clicking here.


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  1. Great show Gilbert Gang!!!

    This actually turned into a very good primer on the subject of why Genesis 6 is important… NOW.

    I’ve got a friend in the Carolinas who a fairly prominent Evangelist Pastor… And he agrees that the Angel view of Gen 6 is the correct view… He just keeps asking me “What’s the motivation for teaching it?”

    Well… I’ve come up with a few… and you’ve covered or touched on all of them with this review.

    … And then… Right at the end of this… You’ve given the impetus for a closer look at Genesis 19.

    Its a spot I’ve been focused in on… and I’ve got SEVERAL problems with the Orthodox narrative here. Frankly, homosexual perversion does not explain all the details of this story nearly as well as an active Hybridization program would.

    I don’t see the fire and brimstone rained down as a judgement of God, but rather as an Act of War.

  2. This has nothing to do with this article, butI couldn’t find an eamil for you your article referenced HR 1274 NOT HB 1274 – it is true because here is the actual bill on GA Legislative site
    Still there is no evidence whatsoever that it was actually enacted, I might look it up later in law (O.C.G.A.) just to be sure, the point is that it actually was introduced in the 1995-96 session.

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