VFTB 123: Genetic Mark of the Beast

Corrupting the ImageSPECULATION ABOUT the prophesied Mark of the Beast often focuses on some type of ID tag or tracking technology, such as the controversial Verichip subdermal RFID implant.

What if the mark is not a piece of hardware but a genetic marker — a change to the DNA of the willing recipient?  Doug Hamp, author of Corrupting the Image and co-host of According to the Scriptures Radio, explains why he believes the mark, without which it will be impossible to buy or sell in the End Times, could be a change in the source code of what makes us human.

For reference, here are links to a couple of articles mentioned during the show:  First, Pastor Greg Boyd’s comments on Dr. Michael Heiser’s draft of his forthcoming book, The Myth That is True (in particular, note the section dealing with Joshua’s war against the giant tribes in Canaan), and Heiser’s reply to Boyd clarifying his views on the subject.  (We eagerly await the publication of The Myth That is True.  It’s an explanation of the Divine Council for us lay people.)

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  1. This interview makes for intriguing conversation and speculation. Fortunately, we don’t need any special training to get a general (and accurate) idea of what scripture says what the mark is.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ (charagma- to brand, prick or imprint) will be received in the right hand or forehead.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ will be identified in its three forms: 1-the “number” (666), 2-the name of the beast which the number represents (somehow), 3-the mark itself which will incorporate 1 and 2.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ will be used to PRIMARILY signify worship of an individual.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ will be used for buying and selling.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ will be promoted by a global religious figure, again for the primary purpose of signifying worship and allegiance of a global military/political leader.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ will not appear or be used until the tribulation which begins with the signing of a seven year peace treaty between Israel and its enemies.

    There are more, but this should be enough to make the point that we shouldn’t be concerned about barcodes, phone numbers, microchip implants (today), vaccinations or anything else since in light of scripture, it is clear that these things have yet to occur, and will not occur until the tribulation which I am convinced occurs after the ‘catching up’ of the saints.

    In this light and given that the media is subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) preparing and conditioning society, we should be giving warning now to those that might not listen until it is too late.

  2. Sorry to have not commented sooner… (been working way too many hours this week)… But Derek… This interview in the first 10 minutes has been one of the best and most cogent arguments as to the importance of the topic of Genesis 6:1-4 … Most specifically the Angel view argument to mainstream believers, that I have yet heard.

    You did well Brother. God bless you, Sharon and Doug Hamp.

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