VFTB Live: Supernatural Films and Spiritual Frauds

Ancient reptilian

Filmmaker Rob Skiba talks about the use of pop media as a witnessing tool, and researcher Chris White, host of Nowhere to Run on the Revelations Radio Network, discusses his new documentary, David Icke Debunked.

For more information on The Politics of Religion conference coming to Fort Wayne in April, see the official website.

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  1. Want a funding vehicle? Do a fan film on the Book of Enoch, Book of the Watchers section. The setting doesn’t have to be big budget if it’s done like “The Man from Earth.” (…which is also good for “Paranormal Film Night.”)


    And if it’s done well, then it could also serve as a intro or prequel to “Seed.”

    As for the immortal interviewed in the story… the setting could be a discussion following a paranormal films night — that would strongly hint at Enoch himself. Nothing says he won’t be back on earth in preparation for the end time.

  2. Double standard? Hey Derrick, that quote from the Gaurdian really didn’t communicate so-called “Gaia-radicals” wanting to destroy civilization — what does though are Christian and Islamic hopes for the coming ‘Day of Judgement,’ where indeed it is explicitly stated that the world will be virtually destroyed and all unbelivers will suffer hell-fire. Sounds alot like ‘order out of chaos’ as well — strange philosphy you got there. By the way, what happens after a thousand years?

    • No, it simply illustrates that the author somehow perceives the flush toilet as ecologically inferior to septic pits behind every home, apartment building, and place of business in the world. The author and people like him won’t be happy until we’re living in grass huts.

      Not him, mind you, or other deep thinkers like him (I see Al Gore kept his limo’s engine running for an hour while he received yet another award for his magnificent greenness) — just us useless eaters.

      As for the coming judgment — that’s not my call, brother. Like Job, I wasn’t there when God laid the foundations of the universe, nor was I there when Adam traded his birthright for a piece of forbidden fruit.

      The whole blood sacrifice for redemption of sin thing? Too gruesome for my taste, but that wasn’t my decision, either. I’m just playing by the rules established by the Creator.

  3. Movies as “witnessing tools?”

    Oh no. I smell another Cloud Nine productions. Does the world really need another “Left Behind” or “Fireproof” to manipulate their emotions and feelings?

    At least hacks like Kirk Cameron (couldn’t act his way out of a bag) and Gavin MacLeod (Holy cow! Capt. Stubing! You didn’t perish with the Love Boat) will be able to find work.

    A movie should first and foremost be one thing: a work of art. It should attempt to tell a good story. If a story is good, the message won’t be lost to the audience. These “Christian” films miss that entirely; all of them come off as a stale sermon hidden behind one-dimensional, cardboard characters.

    William Peter Blatty has been able to express profound messages of faith while telling engrossing stories. The Excorcist, the Excorcist 3 and especially The Ninth Configuration are perfect examples of blending Christian messages with artistic expression.

    • The idea we discussed is using films like The Exorcist, Knowing, or Signs, to name a few, or even so-called documentaries on ancient astronauts, which is what Rob started his series with, as thought and conversation starters.

      Rob and I agreed during the interview that most of what passes for Christian entertainment — movies, books, and music — is manipulative, derivative, and cheesy.

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