THERE WERE GIANTS in the earth in those days, and also after that… It’s an understatement to say that Genesis 6:1-4 has caused an inordinate amount of controversy among Christian theologians and lay people for thousands of years. The current consensus is that the “sons of God” mentioned in thoseContinue Reading

Julian the Apostate

SO THOUGHT the Roman emperor we know as Julian the Apostate. The historian Ammianus Marcellinus recorded his observation that “no wild beasts are so hostile to men as Christians are to one another.” Sadly, Julian was more right than we’d like to admit.  Nothing can set a group of believersContinue Reading


IN THE days of Noah, something was going on that Jesus said would be repeated at the time of His coming.  What did He mean by that? In the view of our panel tonight, the answer is the return of the giants mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 — or atContinue Reading

THIS IS a topic that seems to be growing increasingly contentious of late. Are the Nephilim coming back? What is the evidence?Continue Reading

Babylon Rising

IT’S NOT unusual for conservative preachers to refer to America as a modern-day Babylon. They may be more correct than they know. Rob Skiba joins us to discuss his new book, Babylon Rising: And the First Shall be Last.  He tells us why he believes the first king of theContinue Reading