VFTB Live: L.A. Marzulli – The Watchers / C.J. Hampton – Politics of Religion Conference

The WatchersL.A. Marzulli starts off the 2011 schedule on A View From the Bunker with a discussion of his new DVD release, The Watchers.

L.A. looks at UFO activity and relates these experiences to what ancient texts say about them. There is no doubt that UFOs are here and not going away.

What does it all mean? What are interdimensional beings? Why are these things happening? Has humanity finally become enlightened enough to accept new life forms?

This documentary features L.A., a favorite on the popular radio program Coast to Coast AM, in a realistic discussion of UFOs and entities, and why understanding them is important for Christians today.

In the second hour, CJ Hampton of the Sword of the Spirit Internet talk show bring news of The Politics of Religion Conference April 1 and 2 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Speakers at the conference include documentary filmmaker Chris Pinto; Future Quake radio hosts Dr. Michael “Dr. Future” Bennett and Tom Bionic; Chris White, host of Nowhere to Run and producer of the new DVD David Icke Debunked; and veteran broadcaster on Internet and terrestrial radio Derek Gilbert, author of The God Conspiracy.


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