VFTB Live: William Ramsey — Aleister Crowley and 9/11

Prophet of Evil

AS WE commemorate the ninth anniversary of the horror of September 11, 2001, we bring some startling research to your attention. Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed Great Beast 666, may have influenced the events of 9/11.

William Ramsey, author of the new book Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and The New World Order, discusses Crowley’s life, magickal practices, and the numerological links between “the wickedest man in the world” and the terror attacks of nine years ago.

Sharon and Derek will speak at the Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference in Canton, Ohio October 1 and 2. Other featured speakers include Tom Horn of Raiders News Network, Russ Dizdar of Shatter The Darkness Ministries, and Jeff Radt of Look Up Fellowship. Details at www.ControlledMinds.com.

The Revelations Radio Network has a new website! Take a look and check out a great group of like-minded Christian podcasters.

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  1. The issue of fair treatment of illegals is not just about caring for strangers. Hard drugs are part of the black market system that transports contraband, arms, and funds (through money laundering). Illegal workers (by the millions) are the actual conduit. Even a hungry thief who’s trying to feed family is not held guiltless when caught. Christ would say to them, “Go and sin no more.” We may care for the, but the authorities have another duty.

    So don’t listen to the seductions of the black marketeers, who short-cut workers rights, civil rights, worker safety, product safety, conservation (stewardship), and every other regulation to make quick money. Illegals can’t (and won’t) complain even though they make half of what a legal worker makes and are treated like slaves. Illegals are still partly responsible for destabilizing the workplace resulting in increased unemployment.

    Illegal employers and those that house illegals (harbor) can get up to 5 years in prison each offense. Focus prosecution on those that harbor and employ. The illegals get much less time, but don’t forget that every illegal that’s kicked out saves jail costs, school costs, healthcare costs, etc. etc.

    That said, where is righteous anger when:
    – offspring are legally exterminated by the millions
    – foreign citizens are seduced into avoiding their duties as citizens in their own land to become criminal aliens used basically as slaves by the millions
    – corporations are given incentives to jump from country to country for the lowest labor and production costs, even if it means child slavery, who they later abandon, again by the millions
    – the politics of pork are used to steal from taxpayers in this and coming generations, basically making them slaves through debt, legalized theft by the trillions
    – wars of foreign occupation and oppression are fought spurred on by the ghosts of terrorist and the fears or evil empires, for oil and ore

    They’re all curses.

    At some point it’s time to exit Sodom and Babylon.

  2. As for Crowley… the writings of the unholy trinity of Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, and John Lilly (of Altered States and talking to dolphins fame) were a fascination of my youth that led to interests and dabbling in all sorts of mess of which there’s no good reason to speak. The “dischordian” part of that led to libertarianism and anarchy.

    Later, coming out, the way back included Eller’s “Christian Anarchy.” Eventually, Christ’s on preaching and teaching about the kingdom of Heaven in the Gospels sealed my separation from the world. His Kingdom is within, of course, spiritual. Jude spoke of His enduring majesty. St. John about being in the “kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ” while he was in Patmos.

    Please consider that saving us is also a sovereign duty on His part no less compelled by love. The gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, is part of the Gospel of Grace, for which we are warriors and ambassadors, though truly the weapons of our warfare are not carnal….

    The dominionists corrupt the realization of a present reality. One that was there with Christ as He walked the world, and one that Paul and the rest acknowledged, though possibly not till Paul was in Roman chains as a professed Roman citizen.

    Words are very often seeds. When the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and Christ is planted in a fertile heart, then it grows to exclude all others as with Christ’s teaching in so many parables.

    And of course, “we have this surer word of prophecy” that His Kingdom will destroy the ten toed empires of the end times — openly and finally in this passing creation with the advent of the millennial kingdom — as He extends His rule into the Earth as Messiah.

    Nonetheless, He also taught that what starts in the heart comes out. And the completion of the “Our Father” prayer is a daily reality. “His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive others….”

    Grace and mercy are His to extend to us. He saves. He also rules. And all the crowns and all the flags should properly bow or be cast down before Him, before Christ, as Son of God. Without Him we make no difference.

    The anarchy that Crowley and Wilson and their like followed “do what you will as the whole of the law,” is completely undone by the Gospel of Christ — who came to do not His own will as Son but to do that of The Father.

    At some other point we can examine how God who was, and God who is, and God who is to come are One (past complete, present continuing, and future unfolding).

  3. Hi Derek, I wanted to comment on what you said about Glenn Beck and not really mentioning the president’s power to murder suspected terrorists with out giving them due process. Glenn did do an hour’s long show about it and referred to it through out the week. He also explained why he only gave a short mention to it awhile back. It was a gratifying show I never have seen any one on TV show the out rage in the full anger that I my self would display in sharing it with some one. I will try to find the episode on Utube and send you the link. I would like to share a very interesting perspective on what I think is going on with Glenn Beck. It is one I strongly believe you will find interesting. Is there a little more direct way for me to wright you my thoughts on this matter? Basically what is the best way to contact you? I’ve been listening to you and Sharon for a few years now I really should know this. LOL Thanks your brother in Christ!!!!!

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