IN THE first of our series of round table discussions recorded live at the Prophecy Summit at Branson, we discuss the world of the occult and why Christians should pay attention to it. We’re joined by former practicing witch Doc Marquis and Mike Hoggard, pastor of Bethel Church in Festus, Missouri andContinue Reading

Cry From the Bush

HUNDREDS, MAYBE thousands of children in Africa are abused, homeless, and vulnerable to human traffickers — because they’ve been accused of witchcraft. Tony Kail, founder of Voice of the Accused, is the author of Cry From the Bush: A Christian Response to Africa’s Epidemic of Witch Hunts, Child Witches, andContinue Reading

ASSUMING PAUL knew what he was talking about, our struggles on Earth are with supernatural opponents, not the people we encounter at Wal-Mart or the Department of Motor Vehicles. So why do so many Christians behave as though the gospel of Jesus Christ is nothing more than a self-help manual?Continue Reading

Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

CHRIS PINTO of Adullam Films discusses his latest DVD, The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers, an expanded version of the presentation he gave in April, 2010 at the Last Days Conference in Nashville. The faith of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin has been in the public eye recently, thanks toContinue Reading

Prophet of Evil

AS WE commemorate the ninth anniversary of the horror of September 11, 2001, we bring some startling research to your attention. Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed Great Beast 666, may have influenced the events of 9/11. William Ramsey, author of the new book Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and TheContinue Reading