VFTB Live: Minister Dante Fortson — As the Days of Noah Were

As The Days Of Noah Were

MINISTER DANTE FORTSON, host of The Omega Hour and author of the new book As The Days of Noah Were: The Sons of God and The Coming Apocalypse discusses fallen angels, the Flood, and why Christians today should study what most consider nothing more than an ancient legend.

Links referenced in the second hour:

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  1. I seem to remember Minister Dante Fortson saying something in this conversation about Solomon and the queen of Sheba having a child. As far as I can check it out this is s legend in the Koran and other books and not proven Am I wrong? I really would like to know…there is nothing mentioned about this in the Bible, the main book to check it out in! thank you!

  2. Peta,

    I think you’re correct.

    It could of happned. But I believe the stories are largely apocyphal.

    What does the extra-Biblical historical record say on the issue? Do you know?

    I might check up on that.

  3. Author

    Peta: If you listen back to the archived show, you’ll note that Dante admitted that this was a legend and not supported in scripture. He mentioned it as one of legends the Ethiopian church holds as the basis for believing that they possess the Ark of the Covenant.

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