VFTB Live: Dwayne Lewis & J.B. Thomas — Fallen Angel DNA

FADNA by J B Thomas

WHAT IF the mark of the Beast is not a physical mark or implant, but a genetic marker?

Minister Dwayne Lewis and J.B. Thomas, Jr., author of F.A.D.N.A.: Mark of the Beast, join Derek to discuss end times prophecy, the enemy’s ongoing genetic manipulation program, and sharing a supernatural worldview with other Christians who aren’t really comfortable with, well, the supernatural.

Then we introduce you to a remarkable young lady.  15-year-old Abby Endsley, an aspiring author, talks about her group’s upcoming mission trip to England.  If you can support their trip, they’d be most grateful.  Find details on how to give by clicking here.

The Bunker Intelligence Briefing includes news of a possible presidential run by Newt Gingrich–who recently selected a teacher of the Dominionist “7 Mountain Mandate” as the chairman of his political action committee.

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  1. Derek,

    Excellent show (again). I came to many of the same understandings as Brother Dwayne when reading the Bible the first time through after being saved at the age of 48. To hold to these kinds of beliefs will make one an anathema in the church. It is ministries like yours that keep me going.

  2. Hey Derek. Loved this particular show. Just wanted to make a comment about Jim Garlow. I don’t know if you realize this but a few years ago Mike Heiser did a few presentations at Jim’s church about some paranormal stuff. I am disappointed to hear that he has dominionist leanings. i wonder what Mike has to say about the whole dominionist movement and Jim Garlow’s involvment in it.

  3. Excellent show. What these people J.B and Dwane (His people) are speaking about is wisom and matter of fact truth. This message which is heaven sent will be be generally accepted and don’t expect it to be. Watch the videos at this sight, http://jonathankleck.com/.


    Red Alert our future has been been foretold!.

    Thank you All for serving God.

  4. I have ordered the book through Amazon. I am telling you all jonanthan Kleck through art and devinely that is and Dwayne and J.B through revelation have come closest to anybody I know to understanding the Plan. And still we are not quite there to understanding in full. But I am over joyed at these discoveries. Soon you will understand why you have the blessings of understanding dark sentences, soon.

    Thank you Father God.

  5. For gfp related to wormwood related to gene circuits see pp. 3-4 http://www.bu.edu/abl/files/proto.pdf (extract below)

    Possibly tags for: identification, vaccination, loyalty oaths, gene therapy for longevity or even FADNA?

    Perhaps such a tag from pre-flood times is dormant in human DNA, switched off, so that the related subroutines are dormant?

    = extract =

    “These gene circuits are often added to yeast or to the bacterium E. coli (which provides the energy and raw materials) to make those microorganisms perform complicated, prescribed functions in a sense, as microscopic factories.

    Almost io years ago [2009], Collins wondered whether a simple cell could become a primitive computer. Computer code is based on the binary system, with every piece of information reduced to a series of zeros and ones. Attempting to create a similar on/off mode for E. coli, Collins came up with a kind of toggle switch, a pairing of genes, each of which produced a protein that turned the other gene off; they couldn’t both be on or off
    at the same time.

    The toggle switch is just a simple form of memory,” says
    Collins, who in 2004 reported that he had programmed E. coli cells using a similar toggle switch to “remember” events, such as DNA damage to the cells, using the toggle switch’s on/off positions, which work like a computer’s binary code. When radiation, for instance, strikes the DNA, the switch turns on one of the bacterium’s genes, and that causes the other gene to turn off permanently, thus committing the event to a cell’s binary memory even if there’s no more DNA damage for the life of the cell. What’s more, because the second gene Collins used also represses the action of a gene he added that produces green fluorescing protein, turning off the first gene enables GFP to turn on—and its green glow serves as a visual clue that the cell’s DNA has been harmed.”

    “Initially, these were tools without a particular purpose.
    But then Keasling and his colleagues put them to work in
    manipulating a family of molecules called isoprenoids. Cholesterol and carotenoids (such as beta-carotene, which makes carrots orange) are isoprenoids, and the family also includes such powerful drugs as Taxol (paclitaxel), for chemotherapy, and artemisinin, used to treat malaria.

    Although many strains of the parasite that causes malaria have evolved resistance to such standard antimalarial drugs as quinine, artemisinin remains effective. But it’s very expensive and labor-intensive to produce in a process that extracts small amounts from the wormwood plant, a tall, leafy herb that grows in temperate regions of Asia. Building on the work of others who had figured out an important step in the process, Keasling’s group set out to create an alternative means of production…”

    = end extract =

  6. Bravo. Loved this show.

    Intriguing topic that I have lightly considered but understand the deeper Spiritual message it describes.
    Still more questions than answers before I can be certain with full understanding what the mark of the beast is.

    One point I might add is the Lord has designed the human body to a particular finite design and perhaps death, disease and the shortening life span of man through Biblical history is a “protective” ownership of His design.

    The real question for man is how is he will die?
    In Christ or outside His Eternal Grace.
    With the seal of God (salvation) or the mark of satan.

    OK….my appetite is wet to learn more about the topic!!!

  7. @Iced Tea – As Derek asked/stated in interview disease is rampant and more are dying to ‘new’ causes. So even with Gods’ sovereignty man is facing death head on with no cure in sight except the days were shortened. And eternal salvation is with Him and not here. So the initiation into Beast system is both genetic/biological transformation but also a statement of loyalty to Satan. Many will choose Christ as saviour and be delivered up to be killed or imprionsoned, I think its 10 days in Revs. All this before the Wrath of God (Judgement). Deliverance comes before the wrath of God.

  8. Derek:
    I have had these same thoughts (Dewayne and JB). I have ordered the book. I follow Tom Horn and his transgenetics research. The scripture support for these thoughts was excellent, both Old and New /Testament justification. They might want to look at the idea that whoever takes the mark is “doomed”(Revelation), therefore, the ideas of the wheat and the tares…the tares being able to be saved couldn’t happen. Remember, it is at the end of the age and the “servants” or reapers are the angels. Too late for anyone with fadna to be redeemed. I’ve often wondered that the mark would have to be something that “could separate people from the love of God”. Therefore, saved persons who are marked with the “seal of God” could not have 2 marks. Time is running out, based on the excelleration of time, for people to chose whom they will serve.

  9. I listened with interest, and these fellows are clearly earnest in their faith and love of the lost. And I agree with their concerns about tough times coming for everyone. But I must dispute some of faulty exegesis when it comes to FADNA. There are many areas where I would disagree with their theses based on Scripture, but in particular the entire thesis of the Angel Blood hypothesis rests on their reading of Isaiah 24:5; if this falls, FADNA falls, because it is cited as the basis of the idea.

    ISA 24:5 The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. 6 Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left.

    Their reading at first sounds orthodox, that it sounds like mankind has broken or disturbed the natural order. And we have–through sin! But, they take a unique left turn, which is their reading of the words *everlasting* and *covenant* They make an enormous leap of semantic gymnastics to identify this entirely as DNA. This is faulty on many levels.

    1. DNA is not everlasting. Life itself is, but only through the spirit that is part of our nature and is non corporeal. The DNA is made of atoms and is highly fragile, is multiplied x trillions in each of our bodies, and is not stable from person-to-person, let alone eternally. The idea that we are eternal through offspring is dangerously close to Eastern Mysticism, Taoism, etc. And if you don’t have kids are you not eternal???

    2. Covenant is the Hebrew word B’rit, which means contract, promise, covenant. I see no use in the Bible that implies anything else, nor do the several lexicons I referenced. They all imply a conscious agreement of one or more parties.

    3. The implication is thus that the mark, this soiling, can be “done” to us by a pinprick. That would seem to be inverse Calvinism of sorts, an involuntary commitment to perdition based on an external action. But all the verses relevant to this speak to one’s acceptance of this mark. It may be coercive at some level, but even at the point of a sword, all decisions are voluntary–as many martyrs will tell you (someday!).

    4. If it were possible for “bad or evil” DNA to enter us, how much of our DNA needs to be soiled before we are marked for perdition?” It is really irrational, and has no greater import than wearing a tattoo. It is the symbolism of the acceptance of the mark, not the mark itself, that does the harm. It does not matter if it is a chip, blood, lightning bug juice or a magic marker. If someone accepts the mark he is lost. In medicine, scientists are trying to figure out how to alter DNA. So far, no one has a clue how to completely change one’s DNA. All current strategies create mosaic forms (look that up) where some DNA is affected and some are not.

    5. Blood was used in the old testament to signify covenants but itself is not the covenant. This is a confusion of classes, blood is the vehicle but not the message.

    I do agree that there is some question as to the fate of genetic chimeras, be they angelic, or humanistic, as in adding animal DNA to a zygote. But that is an utterly different experience and requires genetic confusion at conception. Hence the Biblical admonitions against unnatural mating practices.

    I do think, as does Tom Horn, that there is a serious move towards human transgenics. But I cannot see this as the actual Mark of the Beast. Those born in such a state may be lost, but it is not because of something that they did, but who they are, which is a creature that ought not to have existed because it is neither of one type or another. But again, this is another issue other than the nefarious mark.

    I do love the show, but in this case I think rather than blanket acceptance of an unusual theory, some pointed questions about the exegesis would have helped a lot! There are now a lot of people excited over nothing. There ARE things to worry about…but not this!

    Most of the rest of their message is solid and it would have been better if the FADNA was left out. As Believers, we may see some persecution and tribulation. This is a message that needs to get out. But not with the FADNA baggage.


  10. I listened to this show several times before I felt I had to comment. After reading Dr. Steve’s words, I feel much better. The same issues were bugging me. Fallen angel DNA was mixed with the human genome before and after the flood. Today, that FADNA is basically gone, thanks to the purges of the Exodus and the hand of God throughout history. Currently, the “aliens” would like to re-introduce FADNA, but they are failing because our pure human DNA has become degenerate through duplication – too many generations. Each child has slightly less pure DNA than his/her parents. After enough generations, our DNA is a shadow of its former self.

    Thanks for clearing this up, Dr. Steve.

    Derek, this is my observation after following your show for many months: You do not challenge your guests at all. I understand that you want a “safe” place for new ideas to be presented. But even Art Bell, the undisputed king of this kind of radio, would challenge and question his guests. The show gains MUCH credibility when you ask pointed questions and make pointed objections. You never, ever do that.

    By contrast, you routinely criticize people and viewpoints which are not defended on your show. This is basically backwards – arguing with the absent and consenting (through silence) with the present. It should mostly be the other way around.

    Invite a Dominionist or a faith healer on your program. Tell us if they refuse to come. Invite Joe Ortiz back and debate him. It’s really not much fun to listen to these guests make their extreme claims without being challenged on the vital details.

  11. Also, the authors state that the angels around God’s throne have four faces, but “one is missing”. The authors contend that this missing face represents the reptile phylum. Both Ezekiel and John describe these four-faced angels. who have the faces of an ox, a lion, an eagle and a man. There are no reptile faces, and all four faces are described.

    It would have been helpful for Derek or someone in the chat room to point out that the author was misquoting and misrepresenting scripture to make his point. This a too-extreme kind of “hosting”, where overt scriptural error is not contested.

  12. Author

    Skeptical: I appreciate your comments, and you’re right–I was remiss in not pointing out that all four faces of those angels are identified in scripture.

    But I assure you, it was not through a desire to avoid contradicting a guest; it was simply a dropped pass on my part.

    Regarding your advice: I’m currently in contact with Dr. Jim Garlow, who was mentioned during the show, about an interview. It looks like it may happen after Labor Day.

  13. Awesome! You continue to impress and attract my appreciative attention! May God bless you.

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