VFTB 056: Paul & Phillip Collins — The Government and UFO Cults

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FOLLOWING UP our discussion of ufology and “alien” theology last week, we continue to examine the alien gospel with Paul and Phillip Collins, authors of The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century. The Brothers Collins make the case that elements within the intelligence community have deliberately and systematically encouraged the belief that we’ve been visited by intelligent life from other worlds.

Oddly, people who claim to have met these visitors say many of these uninvited guests are bringing the same message Adam and Eve heard in the Garden: “Ye shall be as gods.”

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  1. Loved the show! I had to get out my college dictionary to look up some of the words but that’s okay I am learning new stuff! Paul & Phillip keep me on my toes Thanks Guys You are so cool!

  2. i listened to your show on UFO’S…i must tell you though I listened to your program “The Government and UFO Cults” but i must tell you iv’e seen one up close and personal…..so you can’t convince me that they are not real…it was as large as an ocean liner…it made no sound as it hovered overhead and slowly moved from east to west gradually out of sight…i noticed it had no wings…it was the color of graphite… and it appeared to have the zero point gravity thing down to a tee…for such a large ship to be moving so slowly it seemed impossible…i wish i would have had a video camera or something…once in a lifetime…i swear on a stack of Bible’s it was real

    1. Author

      Tom: I have no doubt that they’re real. The question is where they come from. There is no firm evidence to suggest that they come from another planet.

  3. Blimps are really, really big and they move really, really slow. Just sayin’.

  4. Hi Derek, my sincere thanks for the respect paid to the late Michael Corbin. I knew Michael and spoke with him often on the air. He did fantastic shows with the Collins brothers, and was instrumental in exposing big-time government corruption and scandals, with an eye towards the larger battle of good vs. evil. You and the Collins brothers have paid him a great tribute. All the best to you, and best wishes to Sharon.

    1. Author

      I was a regular listener to Michael’s show in 2005 and 2006. He was a real talent and I wish I’d had the opportunity to get to know him.

  5. I listened to the three-posted podcasts with the Collins Brothers on VFTB and I found they were very interesting and intensely cerebral to say the least. I just came upon the Collins Brothers a short time ago and have been doing some research before I purchase their recently updated book.

    While I respect their deep research I was concerned over one comment made on VFTB, and I am sorry I can’t remember specifically which of the three podcasts it was made during, so I’ll post this comment to all three. The comment in question was made in reference to the book “Vatican Assassins” written by Phelps, which is tough to understand after listening to the Collins Brothers most in-depth and salient arguments, and why they was even consider Phelps as being legitimate.

    Phelp’s book is a complete work of lunacy and actually points more to government disinformation than anything else, but I’ll stop there. To say the Jesuits killed Kennedy is akin to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck doing it, to paraphrase Judge Garrison when he discussed the mafia theory. When I first heard about Phelps I found that he is a self-appointed bishop of a white only Christian church; that says it all and there should be no need to go any further. But it gets better; Phelps has been revealed by Tex Marrs to be Jewish. So how creditable is Phelps as a source? Heck, Marrs is no fan of the Catholic church, but the Phelps scheme seems to be even too much for him. As point of reference though, a Catholic friend pointed out to me that Jesuits have been declining steadily in numbers since the mid 60s, and have become viewed by the average Catholic as another modernist Christian socialist sect, more akin to many Methodists even though they are still in the Catholic church.

    Phelps is not the only nutcase I’ve noted the Collins Brothers reference. Another are the clown act Putnam and Horn, which to my deep surprise are valued by VFTB too. I heard one of the Collins Brothers noted the great wealth of information that can be found on Horn’s website during an interview on the Byte Show. I won’t go down the road and discuss Putnam and Horn, but I would say to the gentleman at VFTB you are doing yourself a great disservice engaging these clowns. Their recent search is beyond spotty it down right fiction.

    I would offer this to anyone out there seeking the truth: (1) do your own research and check the writer’s sourcing; (2) know that any individual, group or denomination that centers their existence on attacking the Catholic church is mentally unbalanced; the church has it faults but the focus given by too many main stream Evangelical and Baptists crosses a line that hurts all Christians; (3) those that use such individuals, groups or denominations as a legitimate source should be held as suspect unproven otherwise.

    The Collins’ book is still on my short list and I hope they will be cautious of the clown acts that permeate the alternative media.

    1. Author

      Actually, to the best of my knowledge, the Collins brothers agree with your assessment of Phelps and Horn. The interview you’re commenting on was recorded in the summer of 2010 and a lot has changed since then. Paul and Phillip’s book is worthwhile reading.

      I’ve interviewed Eric Jon Phelps and have concluded that he raises some interesting points but overloads that particular basket with all his eggs.

      As for Cris and Tom, well, we’ll have to disagree. In fact, Sharon and I interviewed Cris just a few minutes ago on the resignation of Pope Benedict and the Prophecy of the Popes. We consider him a careful researcher who does a good job of staying within the bounds of the evidence. While you are correct to be wary of those with an axe to grind against a particular denomination (or Bible translation, or particular way of spelling or pronouncing the name of Jesus), be careful that you don’t categorize someone a clown just because he or she interprets the evidence differently than you.

  6. Hi Ben!

    Just to clarify, Paul and I have never endorsed the work of Phelps. In fact, we wholeheartedly share your assessment of the man’s “research.” Our good friend, Terry Melanson, has refuted Phelp’s claims and demonstrated how he has intentionally altered quotes to support his anti-Catholic thesis. Here’s the article:


    As for Horn, we did write for his website for a time. After a while, it became painfully apparent that the man was driven by profit and we ended our association with him. I have also since repudiated my endorsement of one of his books. That endorsement was a mistake and I regret it deeply.

    You are absolutely correct about his work with Putnam. A concerned reader like yourself brought a refutation of their work to my attention and I suggest that you check it out. It is a series by James Patrick Holding and can be found at the following URLs:



    Holding does a terrific job refuting these guys’ comic book fodder.

    No doubt, the fundamentalists who attach soteriological significance to these guys’ conspiracy theories will say that we are no longer Christians because we refuse to give our assent to such untenable claims. Trust me, it has happened on more than one occasion and it is one of the reasons that I have personally become disillusioned with the research field. I grew weary of people calling my salvation into question because I refused to accept the theories of Horn, Putnam, Pinto, etc. Yet, that’s how far the fanaticism has gone. Many of the fundamentalists that follow these kooks have actually attached soteriological value to their theories. Well, last time I read my Bible, it said to believe on the Lord Jesus to be saved, not dubious conspiracy theorist. At any rate, I digress.

    As for Catholicism, we are in absolute agreement. the late Michael Corbin, who was personal friend and a major contributor to our research, was Catholic. We harbor no ill-will toward Catholics. They are Christians, too. Now, all of the anti-Catholic bigots will probably descend on us with accusations of being on the Jesuit payroll. Believe me, those accusations have been made in the past. Seriously! We’ve been called Jesuits! Well, I challenge any of those accusers to pinpoint our parish. And, assuming we were Jesuits, that would prove nothing. There are plenty of good Jesuits out there. Not every one of them is a Teilhard de Chardin.

    At any rate, I hope I have cleared things up for you. We actually agree with you and truly appreciate your astute observations. You are on the right track.

    God bless you, Ben.

    Now, let the PID-heads descend upon me as they typically do.

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