WE CHRISTIANS were never promised an easy walk through life. In fact, says Tom Payne, author of The Path: A Guidebook for This Age of Upheaval (also available in Amazon Kindle format), time in the wilderness is essential to our spiritual growth. Tom explains how the Jewish calendar of feasts, fromContinue Reading

The Template of Time

THE BIBLE contains a template from which we can chart the course of history. With that knowledge, we can predict the future with a startling degree of accuracy. This is not a version of the Bible codes; this is pattern recognition and analysis. Author Tom Payne discusses his newly revisedContinue Reading

IS TIME a linear progression of random events, or is there a pattern that makes it possible to discern the shape of things to come?  Tom Payne, author of The Template of Time: Our Destiny Decoded, discusses the relationship between history and prophecy.  He also shares his analysis of whereContinue Reading

WITH THE fall of longtime Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, a new chapter begins for Israel and the Middle East. We discuss the situation with analyst and author Tom Payne, who predicted Mubarak’s demise in his 2010 book The Template of Time: Our Destiny Decoded, an analysis of a time codeContinue Reading

The Template of Time

DOES THE Bible hold a hidden time code with the answers to some of life’s greatest questions, such as: “What is our destination?” and “When will we get there?” In The Template of Time, Tom Payne draws on eight years of intensive research as he makes the case for aContinue Reading