VFTB Live: History and Prophecy — The Nature of Time

July 10, 2011

IS TIME a linear progression of random events, or is there a pattern that makes it possible to discern the shape of things to come?  Tom Payne, author of The Template of Time: Our Destiny […]

VFTB Live: Egypt and the Road to Armageddon

February 12, 2011

WITH THE fall of longtime Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, a new chapter begins for Israel and the Middle East. We discuss the situation with analyst and author Tom Payne, who predicted Mubarak’s demise in his […]

VFTB Live: Tom Payne — The Template of Time

August 7, 2010

DOES THE Bible hold a hidden time code with the answers to some of life’s greatest questions, such as: “What is our destination?” and “When will we get there?” In The Template of Time, Tom […]