VFTB Live: History and Prophecy — The Nature of Time

The Template of Time
IS TIME a linear progression of random events, or is there a pattern that makes it possible to discern the shape of things to come?  Tom Payne, author of The Template of Time: Our Destiny Decoded, discusses the relationship between history and prophecy.  He also shares his analysis of where things are headed in the Middle East as the so-called Arab Spring develops into Arab Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Tom also shares startling predictions based on the template: an assassination attempt on President Barack Obama in the near future, a devastating earthquake for the central United States between 2016 and 2030, and a major nuclear accident–much bigger than Fukushima–within the next five years.

Also: Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry align with Dominionists (see these articles by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp: part 1 and part 2), anemic Christianity, and the link between oil and the new Republic of South Sudan.

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  1. Imagine a flat unstretched band of elastic that had been marked off with equidistant lines like a ruler. Now stretch that band to half of its fully stretched length and affix both ends between two flat-topped wooden support posts.

    You now have an analogy of fixed time (half stretched), which can be manually expanded (from half stretched to fully stretched) or contracted (from half stretched to completely unstretched).

    That is how time can be manipulated and still be “the same time”, even between any two or more given “timelines” of history.

    So the year 500 BC for example could have been 3 years long or even 1400 years long; or the year 1562 AD for example could have been 11 minutes long or 1561.772 years long.

    This is why I never interpret prophecy in Scripture according to our man-made half stretched ideas of time (pun intended).

    I believe God divides time in terms of “events” not according to any “time standard”.

    I also believe the unit of time is “a twinkling of decision”; every passage of a unit of time includes the maximum decision making session length tailor made for the particular event within which these “twinklings” exist.

    If you could “hear” a unit of time it might sound like this:

    “Begin event number 7233; make a decision; select A for the correct decision or select B for the incorrect decision; pause as required; end event number 7233; where are you?; begin event number 7234; make a decision…etc.”

    All time does is facilitate right or wrong decision making processes within the context of events specifically designed to help us make the right decision.

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