VFTB 136: The Path

thepathWE CHRISTIANS were never promised an easy walk through life. In fact, says Tom Payne, author of The Path: A Guidebook for This Age of Upheaval (also available in Amazon Kindle format), time in the wilderness is essential to our spiritual growth.

Tom explains how the Jewish calendar of feasts, from Passover to the Feast of Tabernacles, foreshadows the journey of spiritual growth we take from unsaved to standing in the presence of God, and how the times we feel most alone and apart from Him are the periods during which the Lord is preparing us for a future harvest of spiritual fruit.

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  1. Well… not every show is a homerun.

    I did appreciate and got some good stuff out of it…

    and I hate to be a buckethead over 1 issue…


    The conversion of the Vikings… was not as clean and pretty as Mr. Payne would like to point out.

    And it wasn’t always the “Love of Christ” that did it.

    There was quite a bit of bloody actions by both sides.

    Sorry Derek… that one bit kinda set me on edge for the rest of the interview. I realize that due to the number of times you’ve interviewed Tom… that he’s probably a very well respected person of influence in your life.

    Me… I’m not quite as enamored.

    Love you though bro.

    B. B.


    1. Author

      Well, you’re right about the Vikings. We could have quibbled over that point, and Tom is intelligent enough that he may have conceded the point. The Jesus followed by many of the Vikings was a lot more like Thor than the man we read about in scripture.

      But the point of the interview wasn’t history, it was about the spiritual journey each of us makes through the wilderness and on to a spiritual harvest. At the time, a discussion of how “converted” the Vikings really were seemed like an unnecessary detour. (But I do appreciate your feedback. My judgment ain’t perfect!)

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