EVEN MANY Jews today consider the story of their nation’s creation nothing more than a myth. Egyptologist David Rohl explains why the evidence for the Exodus has been right in front of scholars all along.Continue Reading

Stan Deyo

THE LOCATION of Eden was certainly a compelling topic. However, Stan Deyo’s second presentation at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit may have been just as intriguing.Continue Reading

Stan Deyo

HAS THE place where it all began for humanity been found? Author and inventor Stan Deyo thinks so. He discusses the process that led to his conclusion — and hints that he may also have located the site of King Solomon’s mines.Continue Reading

blood moon

MOST CHRISTIANS know very little about the Jewish foundation of our faith.  This is ironic, since Jesus — when you think about it — was the consummate Jew in that he fulfilled the Law perfectly. While we no longer live under the Law, Pastor Mark Biltz, founder of El ShaddaiContinue Reading