VFTB 184: Quest for Eden

Stan Deyo
Stan Deyo

HAS THE place where it all began for humanity been found?

Author, lecturer, inventor, and futurist Stan Deyo thinks so. He discusses the process that led to his conclusion (which will be revealed at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit), why a scientist puts faith in an invisible God, and hints that he may also have located the site of King Solomon’s famous gold mines.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be at the Prophecy in the News Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit July 25-27, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs. Watch for information here.

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  1. Did not get a good feeling about Stan Deyo and the way he wants to be “fair to the conference.”

  2. Pardon me, but it does appear that this individual is ‘selling’ ‘revelations from God’.

    I will investigate further by attempting to trudge through his interview a third time.

    So far, his manner and deportment are thoroughly unconvincing, in my opinion. Yet,
    again, I could be wrong. I find him off-putting in the extreme, however. And false.

    Jesus had some interesting things to say to, and about, “money changers”, I believe.
    It is difficult to comment successfully on a podcast that has no content, however.

  3. Love Stan Deo – the things he talks about just blow my mind. I’ve heard him interviewed a few times, and believe him to be sincere.

    I have about 30mins remaining to listen to on this interview, but one question that, for me, is an insurmountable hurdle, is: How did the Garden of Eden survive the Flood of Noah? The tectonic and geologic upheaval would have been tremendous. Just a local flood will change the course of rivers and destroy forestation, and Mt St Helens gave us a good example of what happens when a moderate volcano goes.

    However, the Flood of Noah, by comparison, changed the world (with massive hydraulic and volcanic activity) so extensively that it would have been unrecognisable to Noah and his family. There would have been no landmarks (Mt Ararat most likely didn’t exist before the Flood), rivers would be in different places…Noah may have ended up hundreds or thousands of miles from where he started. Think of the movie “2012” by Roland Emmerich to get a picture of the sort of devastation that went on.

    I just can’t see how Stan can trace rivers to their source to find the Garden, when the destruction of the Flood was so complete.

    Having said that, I am really keen to hear Stan address this concern…and also excited to hear his presentation.

    God bless.

  4. I’m thinking about getting the video ticket to the Pike’s Peak Summit primarily to see his presentation on this. I will be disappointed if his presentation there, or any presentation for that matter is simply to point people to their books.

    With that said, I see others also have questions. My main question had to do with his declaration of finding the tree of life. Revelation 2 and 22 seem to imply the actual tree of life is in heaven with God waiting to be put back on Earth in the end. Theological harmonization wouldn’t follow if God left the tree of life on Earth and that was the main reason for putting Adam and Eve out of the Garden in their fallen state (Gen 3:22-24).

    My second questions have to do with regulating cherubim to something we don’t understand and the flaming sword to what sounds like a geologic formation.

    Like Bruce, I am eager to hear his presentation and like Bruce I hold to the believe the Flood devastated the Earth so much, the terrain we see is completely different from the terrain prior to the flood.

    So as not to offend anyone here, I will leave my comment as so.
    God bless all,

  5. I am both excited & very concerned to hear Stan Deyo’s presentation. I am a big fan of View from the Bunker (keep up the great work Derek). I have only heard Stan on the Bunker and on CannaryCry, very entertaining and raises many questions.
    Being careful to keep an open mind and evaluate new ideas, I still have to reject ideas that clearly contradict established truth. That of course depends on your world-view and I have become a YEC, pre-trib believer.
    That being said, I have thought for a long time that it would be impossible to know the Garden’s location post flood (even the longitude & latitude). This is mainly because of a common mistake where readers confuse the modern day rivers with pre flood rivers (only Genesis 1-6). This would be like looking for the Queen Square near Bristol, Virginia.
    I can imagine Eden may possibly be covered by several feet of sediment, but it would be situated no higher than Precambrian rock strata. This point is well made by Answers in Genesis or ICR.org, see link below.


  6. You’re right, Roy. I also expect him to point at some rock formation, and then
    claim ‘that’s it!’, but eroded by time, or some such. Also, I agree that what is established on Earth is only a reflection of an already existing Original, in the heavenly dimensions. And if I had truly found any of these historic, and very sacred-type objects, I would be over there with a full-on camera-crew, and exploring, and documenting, everything about it/them, and not trying to sell
    this notion to a bunch of gullible hillbillies (with all due respect to those who
    are falling for this tripe); the Nazis did a pretty thorough scan, and translating
    Hebrew anew is not likely to render any post-flood rarities. But it could.

    And, it IS possible, since the pyramids survived, and it is quite likely that the
    Ark of the Covenant was secreted below the Crucifixion site of Jesus, but was surrounded by a ‘rock’ shelter, and received the Blood from Jesus’ body, above, onto the Mercy Seat, completing His Sacrifice. THAT find would actually count.
    Deyo appears to be a huckster, but like you, I’m interested in his Presentation.

  7. Author

    I’ve been away from the site for most of the last week. If I’d been paying attention, several of these comments would not have lasted long on this page. The accusations of naked greed are vicious, unfounded, and wrong.

    Let me state for the record that it was an honor to have Stan on this program. Sharon and I considered one of the highlights of this coming week the opportunity to talk with Stan in person and pick his brain. I respect his work and have followed it for years.

    To the best of my knowledge no one on the schedule of speakers at Pikes Peak is there for the money. Speaking for myself, a week’s work at my day job pays more than the expenses we’ll receive. We’re there because we believe we have something to say and we’re thankful for a forum — and the opportunity to fellowship with other believers who are seeking a deeper understanding of the days ahead.

    I stand by my decision to leave Stan’s conclusions about the location of Eden for his presentation in Colorado Springs. More than a thousand people are paying to attend the conference, and several thousand more will subscribe to the online feed. It is a courtesy to them. And contrary to one offhand comment in this thread, the intellectual level of the average attendee is quite high. Nobody at last year’s conference, or in Orlando, or at Branson or Canton or Nashville or any of the other conferences of this type that we’ve attended, as best I can tell, was there because they were duped.

    Critics, I suspect, have little concept of the hours of research and preparation a presentation like this requires. If Stan does choose to produce a DVD or book from this talk, I will gladly stand in line to pre-order.

    It’s easy to forget that there are real flesh and blood people on the other side of your computer screen. You don’t have to agree with me or any of the guests I choose to bring to this program, but disagree with respect.

  8. With respect, we will all be listening, very attentively.

  9. September 4th: Deyo’s scheduled interview ‘miraculously’ disappears, as it is skipped entirely, without any explanation from you. Who are you kidding, Pal. Take a hike.

    Your dishonesty is appalling.

    1. Author

      Dishonest? Um, no. I’ve driven about 2,000 miles in the last seven days. My three-day “holiday” weekend was spent working in 90+ degree heat to clean out my mother’s house in South Carolina to prepare it for lease or sale.

      Upon my return Tuesday, I resumed a full-time work schedule and committed the last three nights to preparing for district competition with my barbershop chorus (Tuesday) and quartet (tonight), and accompanying my mother last night to a sleep study to determine whether she needs a CPAP machine. I also completed freelance voiceover projects for clients in Israel, Australia, and here in the USA.

      I slept some, too.

      So there was nothing intentionally dishonest, just real life getting in the way of the posted schedule. An explanation will be posted with the Beresford Job interview. Stan’s interview will be uploaded and posted Friday.

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