RUSSIA’S INTERVENTION in Syria has really complicated things. Vladimir Putin, in one move, has apparently boxed out the nations trying to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Doug Woodward joins us to discuss his new essay, “Pick Your Poison: The U.S. Can’t Win in Syria“.Continue Reading

Bill Koenig

IT TAKES a unique personality to carve out a unique career path in a field that doesn’t generally pay well to begin with.  Bill Koenig took a degree in Communications from Arizona State University and in 1996, when the Internet was still a new thing, created his own online newsContinue Reading

Psalm 83 confederation

WITH THE backing — or at least the approval — of the United States and other Western powers, the Muslim Brotherhood has ascended to power in Egypt. Why is this important? There is a familiar expression: “As goes Egypt, so goes the Middle East.” Setting aside the question of whyContinue Reading


EVENTS AROUND the world are moving us in the direction of global unity — political, financial, and religious.  Carl Teichrib, chief editor of Forcing Change, joins us to discuss these recent events and what they mean for you and me. Subscribe to the excellent Forcing Change newsletter at PleaseContinue Reading

As America Has Done to Israel

AMERICA MAY be on a collision course with God. According to John P. McTernan, there is a direct correlation between the alarming number of natural disasters striking the United States and its leaders pressuring Israel to surrender land for “peace”. John, founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith Ministries, discussesContinue Reading