VFTB 088: As America Has Done to Israel

As America Has Done to IsraelAMERICA MAY be on a collision course with God. According to John P. McTernan, there is a direct correlation between the alarming number of natural disasters striking the United States and its leaders pressuring Israel to surrender land for “peace”.

John, founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith Ministries, discusses his book As America Has Done To Israel, sharing examples of hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters that correlate to American interference with God’s prophetic plan for Israel.  John also shares his thoughts about what lies ahead as the Palestinian Authority presses for admission into the United Nations as an independent nation-state.

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And don’t miss Derek and Sharon Gilbert with Tom and Nita Horn on Raiders News Live this Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 7:00pm Central Time (GMT -6).

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  1. God restores an “Israel”, NOT Theodre Hertzl. This cruel
    Entity is not of God. Christian Zionists are complicit in
    the Perpetuation of this Abomination, and all of its Crimes,
    because they are ignorant of accurate Scripture.

    THIS “Israel” is the “Synagogue of Satan”, as described and condemned by Jesus, HIMSELF.

  2. Which group is truly Israel?

    1. Some say, “All Israel” in every generation is Israel They’ll all be granted special salvation after the Valley of Dry Bones resurrection. They are God’s people.

    2. Others say, “This Israel” since 1948 is the prophecied Israel that will receive the Grace of God that protects them never to be destroyed and dispersed again.

    3. Still others, “New Israel” is the church or England or the USA or the Mormons….

    4. Paul says, “Those circumcised in heart and not just in flesh are Israel.” (Col. 2, Rom. 2, Gal. 5, Gal. 6:15,16)

    5. John & Jesus say in the Revelation that there “those who say they are Jews and are not.”

    6. A few think that every Israeli citizen, Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc. will be recipient of the promises and covenants of God with “the political state” of Israel.

    7. Yet, God is not the God of the dead, but of the living, such as the saints of old that dwell with Him in Heaven now; including, not in the least Moses, who last we see him in scriptures is there with Elijah and Christ on the mount of transfiguration. So Israel is truly composed of the saints of old, saints living now, and the end time saints coming, including those of the remnant in each generation and those grafted in.

    Unless we ask exactly what group is meant by “Israel,” then there are a lot of assumptions that people of various sorts make about who and what Israel is – whether historically, prophetically, or in the hereafter.

  3. The Invasion that calls itself “Israel” is not of God,
    and is not what it claims to be. These are a Kabbalah-
    driven, and Atheistic and Satanic hodge-podge of useful
    idiots servicing the machinations of the would-be ‘New
    World’ Architects.

    Any alleged Christians supporting this fraud are in
    direct opposition to Jesus. HE is the ONLY Authority.

  4. Well nothing throws a cat amongst the pigeons as suggesting God is behind the founding of Israel. One should remember that when Jews returned from Babylon to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem in the Persian Empire era; the majority of the returnees were not spiritual people- so the fact that the majority of Jews in Israel are not religious, or are anti-Christian should not be that surprising. What I can’t understand is why so many Christians are anti-Israel to the point of making common cause with Moslems resident in the Holy Land. Moslems in in the Middle East have committed unspeakable crimes against Arab Christians in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. If these Moslems could get rid of Israel, the Arab Christians in the land would be genocided next. As the common saying among Moslems goes “First we get rid of the Saturday People, then the Sunday people!”

  5. More on my previous point. I know a fair few Coptic Christians from Egypt, and they are scathing in rejecting all the PC “Islam is a religion of peace” reasoning. They all tell a tale of persecution at the hands of Moslems in Egypt, where no Jews live since 1948. So that probes my point, when Muslims don’t have Jews available to attack, they move on to the Chritians. The number of Christians living in PA and Hamas controled areas of the Holy Land is decreasing rapidly; while the number of Christians in Israel is growing. So apart from issues of Biblical interpretation; Israel is not as hard on the Christians as Moslems are; that is also an indication that there is a moral difference between Moslems and Jews, and the picture the facts paint is not flattering to Muslims.

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