VFTB 11/17/19: David Villanueva – Creating for Christ

HOW DO we broadcast our message beyond the walls of our virtual church? That’s a question that we’ve been wrestling with for a while. One way might be to engage the public through non-traditional media—video games, for example—that isn’t targeted at Christians already on board with, say, the Genesis 6 paradigm, for example.

David Villanueva leads a creative team at GEN3SYS Studios in Guatemala that’s trying to do exactly that. They’re working on a video game with related novels, and graphic novels called HAV3NS (pronounced “Three Havens”). The game’s storyline is not overtly Christian, but it incorporates many of the themes we discuss here and at SkyWatchTV.

Here’s the conceptual trailer for the game. Note that the futuristic corporation portrayed in the trailer, which claims to have achieved the Singularity (the goal of transhumanists), is called Myriad–“And We Are Many.”

You’ll find more videos about HAV3NS at the GEN3SYS Studios YouTube Channel, including a great behind-the-scenes look at The Making of HAV3NS:

Note that the principal trainer for the game’s fight sequences is David’s 71-year-old father, Grand Master Mario Villanueva.

Here is the link to the GEN3SYS Studios Patreon page. Consider becoming a supporter!

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