VFTB 170: Devil Worship, Deception and the West Memphis Three

Abomination by William Ramsey

THREE SECOND-GRADE boys disappeared in West Memphis, Arkansas the night of May 5, 1993.  Their dead, tortured bodies were soon found, and whispers of Satanic rituals soon added a sinister overtone to what was already a gruesome murder investigation.

Three young men–Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Misskelley, Jr.–were convicted of the crimes.  Today, however, they are free, beneficiaries of a campaign by celebrities like Peter Jackson (director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Johnny Depp, who believe that Echols and his companions were the victims of a miscarriage of justice, prosecuted basically because they dressed in black and listened to heavy metal.

William Ramsey discusses his research into the West Memphis Three case and explains why there is more here than meets the eye.  Digging into the case files for his book Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders, Ramsey explains why and how he believes the West Memphis Three were actually set free.

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  1. Hi, Derek.

    You know, the dark topics of your two most recent interviews reminded me of your background in the radio business and a topic you’d be well versed in… pop music. So I thought, “Wow. Derek should think about interviewing Eric Blomberg.” He did the lengthy documentaries Hell’s Bells Parts 1 & 2 (samples on Youtube) which detail the Satanic influence on the pop music culture. Given the overt Satanism in pop music, including the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s, this topic might generate a large response.

    If you’re interested, he can be contacted through Facebook under TheApologeticsGroup.com (one word), which is also his web address. For what it’s worth, I’ll say that Hell’s Bells really changed my opinion of pop music. It is anything but benign.

    Be blessed!


    1. Author

      Thank you for the heads up! I will add him to my list of target future guests.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Joshua. He would make an excellent guest; the Hell’s Bells videos are very well done.

  3. And I appreciate the reminder. Things got busy with the Orlando Prophecy Summit and I let this slip. I’ll get on it.

  4. No rush, Derek! You two are always so busy busy busy. I’m still trying to recover from the 6 1/2 hour-long DVD Hell’s Bells 2 that I just got last month. It was disturbing but showed a definite “dark” trend to pop music.

    God bless you guys and get some rest, man!

  5. Those Hells Bells videos are ancient. I used to watch them as a kid just to learn about the evil devil rock. Great interviews! I really like William Ramsey.

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