VFTB 11/7/21: Caspar McCloud – Facing the Future Without Fear

November 7, 2021

THE LAST eighteen months have been unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Pastor Caspar McCloud joins us to discuss the workings of the principalities and powers behind this present darkness and why we should not be afraid.


VFTB 10/31/21: Raymond Ibrahim – Persecution

October 31, 2021

TEN YEARS of documenting Muslim persecution of Christians every month for the Gatestone Institute hasn’t opened the eyes of Western media, academia, or most Christians outside of the Middle East. […]

VFTB 9/26/21: William Ramsey – Global Death Cult

September 26, 2021

AN OCCULT organization with roots in British neo-Nazi movement has gone global, with a plan to call on the old gods to remake the world—a plan that includes human sacrifice. Researcher, filmmaker, and author William […]

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