VFTB 082: Project Josiah

Project Josiah

A COMMON story from the Old Testament is the persistence of the high places, sites where the Jews worshiped the false gods of their neighbors — Asherah and Baal, in particular.

Tom Dunn, coordinator of the 2010 Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference in Canton, Ohio, has partnered with Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness Ministries to create Project Josiah, named for the king who is remembered for tearing down the high places of Judah and restoring the Law of Moses during his reign.

Tom discusses the project, its goals, and how Project Josiah’s approach to spiritual warfare differs from that taught by those who seek to reclaim domain of the Earth before Christ’s return.

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  1. Amen!

    Bless this brother and Project Josiah.

    Praise God!!! Count me in on the 15th monthly!

    This show is an answered prayer. I have been praying against the strongholds at the terrence mckenna you tube sites, that are not only teaching the benefits of dmt, but all the garbage of new age consciousness and doctrines of demons.

    Calling for prayer help.

  2. If Micheal Heiser is correct, not all “ghosts” are demons, and if that’s true then not all haunted places would be a “high place” and if all that’s true then wouldn’t praying against some haunted location just be a waste of time?

  3. Not if the intent of those promoting the haunted place is to make contact with the dead. The Bible is very clear on God’s opinion of mediums and necromancers.

  4. but if a haunting is not evil. Which most just may be something we have yet to understand. Then isn’t it like praying away some Rain god? something that doesn’t exist.

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