MOST CHRISTIANS in America don’t believe that Satan is a real entity. So why spend eight years making a film about Satanic Ritual Abuse? Tom Dunn, director of the new documentary Detestable, describes the journey of faith and understanding that produced this disturbing film.Continue Reading

Russ Dizdar

A majority of American Christians don’t believe that Satan actually exists. Deliverance minister Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness Ministries begs to differ.Continue Reading

CONTRARY TO popular belief, satanic crimes were not invented by Geraldo Rivera in the late ’80s to get ratings.Continue Reading

Russ Dizdar

AS CRAZY as it sounds, the Bible makes it plain that at some point in the future a coalition of armies will actually try to fight God. Russ Dizdar, author of The Black Awakening, discusses the desire by fallen angels to recruit and develop an End Times army.Continue Reading


IN THE beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.  Shortly thereafter, He fashioned man in His image (discussion on what that really means is for another day).  And since then, it appears the non-flesh and blood enemy against whom we contend has been trying to corrupt the genetic code that makesContinue Reading