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THE TIMES are quickly changing, and trying to get a handle on where we’re going is no easy task.  So we brought together three of the brightest young minds in Bible prophecy scholarship for a round table discussion on the road ahead. In a late-night session recorded at the ProphecyContinue Reading

Sharon K. Gilbert

OUR GUEST tonight is the only woman speaking this weekend at the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak. That just happens to be Sharon K. Gilbert, author of The Armageddon Strain, Winds of Evil, and Signs and Wonders, as well as chapters for the Tom Horn books Pandemonium’s Engine (“Dragon’s Breath”) and God’s Ghostbusters (“Your BrainContinue Reading

Prophecy in the News

FOR ANYONE interested in prophecy, the upcoming Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak is a can’t-miss event.  Bob Ulrich, Director of Operations for Prophecy in the News, talks about the logistics of pulling together a gathering like this, the speakers, and the range of topics to be covered during the conference.Continue Reading


YOUR FUTURE is spending the rest of eternity as the disembodied brain of a holographic avatar, possibly flitting about somewhere in space.  That’s one vision of the future from the group assembled at the recent Global Future 2045 World Congress in New York City, a production of the 2045 Initiative.Continue Reading