VFTB 235: Johnny Cirucci – Illuminati Unmasked (Part 2)

March 29, 2015

THE SHAPE of Christianity — and Christendom — is being shaped in subtle ways by a group that proclaims education to be a cornerstone of its ministry. Johnny Cirucci, author of the new book Illuminati Unmasked, joins us for another discussion of the Jesuits. […]

VFTB 232: Johnny Cirucci – Illuminati Unmasked (Part 1)

March 19, 2015

ONE OF the most effective ways to destroy a movement is from the inside. We welcome a first-time guest, Johnny Cirucci, author of the new book Illuminati Unmasked, to discuss the Society of Jesus — the Jesuits. […]

VFTB at the Prophecy Summit: Cris Putnam

September 13, 2013

THE LARGEST Christian denomination on the planet seems to have a profound interest in things happening off planet — meaning outer space.  The Roman Catholic Church has been involved in astronomical studies since the time […]

VFTB at Pikes Peak: Prophecy Summit Round Table

July 28, 2013

THE TIMES are quickly changing, and trying to get a handle on where we’re going is no easy task.  So we brought together three of the brightest young minds in Bible prophecy scholarship for a […]

VFTB 118: The Vatican and Global Political Authority

August 5, 2012

THE DESIRE for a global authority to govern world political and economic activity sounds like something right out of the book of Revelation.  But it’s here now, and Pope Benedict has openly called for supranational […]

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