VFTB 8/19/20: Jamie Walden – In the Virtual Catacombs

August 19, 2020

Jamie Walden, US Marine Corps veteran and author of Omega Dynamics, joins us to discuss the times in which we live, how we direct our righteous indignation, and why he and his wife recently decided to host a house church.


VFTB Live: Keith Giles – Jesus Unveiled

August 11, 2019

THE WAY we do church today would be completely foreign to a first-century Christian. Keith Giles, author of the new book Jesus Unveiled: Forsaking Church as We Know it for Ekklesia as God Intended, explains why we need to stop treating church like a business and start treating it like a family.


VFTB Live: How and Why We Believe

June 4, 2011

WHAT WE believe determines how we live.  Do you know why you or your church does what it does? Keith Giles joins us to discuss his new book, This is My Body: Ekklesia as God Intended, […]

VFTB 057: Pastor Kevin Johnson — End Times and the House Church

July 18, 2010

IN THE words of the very minor 1950s TV celebrity the Amazing Criswell, “We’re all interested in the future because that is where we’ll spend the rest of our lives.” Unlike Criswell, however, Bible prophecy […]