VFTB 192: Biblical Church

biblicalchurch_coverYOUR CHURCH may be unbiblical. Not intentionally, maybe, but unbiblical nonetheless.

Beresford Job, an elder in the Chigwell Christian Fellowship in Essex (that’s in the U.K., for us Americans), has spent most of the last 40 years in full-time itinerant teaching and pastoral ministry. Beresford has pioneered biblical house church life and experience in England, and he explains how human traditions have supplanted the teachings given first to Moses and then to the disciples of Jesus.

Click here to listen to his “Traditions” audio series.

Note: Due to a heavy personal schedule the last ten days, the interview with Stan Deyo from the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit scheduled for release yesterday, September 3, will be uploaded Friday, Sept. 5. We apologize for the delay.

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