That’s the direction for Roswell, New Mexico envisioned by Guy Malone, a candidate in Roswell’s upcoming mayoral election.Continue Reading

alien genetics

THIS PROGRAM has devoted a fair amount of time to the topic of the Nephilim. Some of the discussion focused on the historical giants that walked the Earth; some has delved into speculation that the Nephilim may be returning — especially as a possible explanation for the UFO phenomenon.  Sadly,Continue Reading

THIS IS a topic that seems to be growing increasingly contentious of late. Are the Nephilim coming back? What is the evidence?Continue Reading

Final Events

IT’S RARE that new information emerges in UFO research, but we’re honored this week to feature a man who’s managed to disclose the existence of a group that’s remained under the radar of ufologists for over 60 years. Researcher and author Nick Redfern discusses his new book Final Events andContinue Reading

Guy Malone

AFTER A dozen years in Roswell, Guy Malone of Alien Resistance Ministries begins a new phase of life and ministry, moving from sunny Roswell to sunny Florida. We discuss the move, the evidence connecting the UFO phenomenon to the doctrines of demons, and what’s next for Guy and his wife,Continue Reading