Science is not inherently at odds with faith in Jesus Christ. Our guest this week proves that point beyond a shadow of doubt.Continue Reading

Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age

PLANET X has gotten a bad rap. It’s responsible for much fear and trembling on the Interwebs and it’s time for that to stop. Doug Elwell joins us to discuss his book Planet X: The Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age.Continue Reading

Mark Goodwin, host of the Prepper Recon podcast, discusses his new novel The Days of Noah, Book One: Conspiracy, and why he’s using fiction to convey some very important real-world messages.Continue Reading

Destiny Lab Naturally Selected

WHAT WOULD you get if Chuck Missler, Chris White, and Dr. Future formed a rap group?  It might sound something like Destiny Lab. We talk with Arkalogik (known as Dave Britton to his friends), a lyricist and rapper who partners with Genetix to create what is probably the most uniqueContinue Reading

In the Beginning

WHY CAN’T Christians just accept the theory of evolution and be done with it?  Two main reasons: First, it eliminates the need for redemption and thus a Redeemer; and second, the evidence. Laurence Tisdall, founder and president of The Creation Science Association of Quebec (or, properly, L’Association de Science CréationnisteContinue Reading