VFTB 305: Lambert Dolphin – Science and Christ

Lambert Dolphin
Lambert Dolphin

CONTRARY TO the belief of many in academia, science is not inherently at odds with faith in Jesus Christ. Our guest this week proves that point beyond a shadow of doubt.
Lambert Dolphin is a retired physicist who worked at the Stanford Research Institute for more than three decades before retiring in 1987 to devote most of his time to Bible teaching, writing, and Christian counseling. In this wide-ranging discussion, Lambert shares his spiritual journey that led from suicidal depression to faith in Jesus Christ, his archaeological adventures on (and under) the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Giza Plateau in Egypt, and his thoughts on the remote viewing experiments that coincided with his time at SRI.

To hear from a man who can hold his own in conversation with Chuck Missler​, a man that L.A. Marzulli​ describes as “huge” for his ability to synthesize physics and faith, give a listen to this interview with Lambert Dolphin.

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