Unveiling Mysteries of the Last Days

WHEN READING the Bible, it becomes clear very quickly that God has a plan and a purpose to human history. David Hamblin, an engineer by trade, uses his training to analyze scripture and draw out some intriguing conclusions about what lies ahead for the human race.Continue Reading


Alan Kurschner, director of Eschatos Ministries and author of Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction, gives a brief overview of the Pre-Wrath Rapture position, some of the scriptural support for it, and where it differs from the Pre-Tribulation view.Continue Reading

Stan Deyo

THE LOCATION of Eden was certainly a compelling topic. However, Stan Deyo’s second presentation at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit may have been just as intriguing.Continue Reading

YOUR CHURCH may be unbiblical. Beresford Job, a pioneer in the house church movement in England, explains how human traditions have supplanted the teachings given first to Moses and then to the disciples of Jesus.Continue Reading