VFTB 1/30/22: T. J. Steadman – Answers to Giant Questions

IT’S RARE that I meet someone who knows the meaning of the word kispum and can use it in a sentence.

Our guest this week is T. J. Steadman, the author of Answers to Giant Questions: How Understanding the Biblical Nephilim Will Enlarge Your Faith. T. J. joins us via Skype from Perth, Australia to discuss his reasons for writing a book on a subject that most of the church dismisses as “fringe” and how it helped strengthen his faith—especially after encountering some of the more difficult passages of the Old Testament, like a global flood that destroyed all  life except for eight humans and a collection of animals on a very large boat.

Check out T. J.’s podcast Answers to Giant Questions at Spreaker or at the Raven Creek Social Club.

Then, after the break: It appears war with Russia is a conflict only the U.S. and U.K. want. Certainly, Ukraine isn’t eager for it!

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If you’d rather, you can watch the interview here:

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