VFTB 10/11/20: Chuck Missler – A Deadly Case of Mistaken Identity

Derek Gilbert and Chuck Missler at the 2014 Orlando Prophecy Summit.

A CASE of mistaken identity has led many millions to make a very bad choice—one with eternal consequences.

From the archives, we present an interview with the late Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonia House, recorded at the 2014 Orlando Prophecy Summit. In a discussion that’s still very relevant today, Chuck explained why mischaracterizing the person of Jesus is literally a grave error, and how the modern church has become so distracted by politics and social issues that it can be a challenge to find the gospel on Sunday mornings in America.

Chuck also talked about drawing on business business experience and the example of the apostle Paul to help people become “spiritual entrepreneurs” — a group that may become the nucleus of a future underground church.

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