VFTB 8/9/20: Lars Walker – Postmodernism, Social Justice, and Vikings

AS A wise evangelist once said, we’ve become so open-minded in America that our brains have fallen out. That pretty much describes the faithless and powerless Christian church described in Lars Walker’s 1999 novel Wolf Time.

By the time of the story told in 2014’s Death’s Doors, set in the same fictional town of Epsom, Minnesota, the true church has gone underground, assisted suicide is a constitutional right, and the federal government is advising citizens to “accept the enlightened and ancient blessings of Shariah Law.”

Author and “former Viking” Lars Walker joins us to discuss the trends in society and faith that led to Wolf Time and Death’s Doors. Check out Lars’ blog at Brandywine Books.

Wolf Time expertly weaves together Norse and Christian eschatology, social commentary, and an entertaining plot featuring characters you really care about. Read the prologue and first four chapters for free at the Baen Books website.

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