VFTB Live: Jack Davila-Ashcraft – Enoch and the Early Church

THE CHURCH is rediscovering things we knew two thousand years ago.

Scholar of Apologetics and Patristics (the study of the early church fathers) Rev. Jack Davila-Ashcraft explains why topics like demons, the Nephilim, and end times prophecy weren’t considered weird by early Christian theologians, and how relearning what we’ve forgotten will help us better understand the spiritual war being fought all around us.

Click here to access the archive of articles, sermons, and Bible studies by Rev. Davila-Ashcraft. Our previous interview about his book, The Messianic Secret, is available online here.

Dr. Douglas Hamp

Then Dr. Douglas Hamp, senior pastor of The Way Congregation, joined us to talk about the upcoming One in Messiah Convocation July 18-20, 2019 in Denver. Besides Doug, featured speakers include past VFTB guests Doug Krieger, John Haller, and Chad Schafer.

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