VFTB 257: Doug Krieger – Final Babylon

final-babylonTHE MORAL attitudes of the United States public have changed more quickly in the last ten years than at almost any point in our history. Even our president has changed his mind during his term in office on one of the hot-button social issues of the day.

What’s going on out there? Doug Krieger, publisher of The Tribulation Network website and co-author of Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist, discusses the legalization of same-sex marriage and his belief that present-day America fulfills the description of end-times Babylon in Bible prophecy.

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  1. thank you.

    I would advise that the Federal Reserve’s central processing center is upposed to be in St Louis

    1. Author

      That may be it. Boeing also has a major facility there. But it’s possible that because Norsecorp is based in Saint Louis their honeypots are more likely to detect attempted hacks.

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