mass_awakeningTHE ROAD ahead looks rough: Millions may die because of food shortages, war, social unrest, riots, and terror events. In the midst of the turmoil a one world government, one world economic system, and a one world religion will take shape.

Author, analyst, and prophecy expert Paul McGuire discusses the warnings in his new book  Mass Awakening, and explains why, even in the midst of global chaos, Christians should not be afraid.

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  1. Great guest! I also did not know about the Chuck Pierce/Glenn Beck thing. I’m glad you brought that out.
    I wouldn’t let that influence my opinion on Cruz one way or another though. I’m looking for a candidate that holds views that are the closest to the Constitution and is willing to act on those views. I would think Mike Huckabee would fall closer in line with what the NAR is looking for in a candidate. Anyway, great show as usual!

  2. Thank you so much for having Paul McGuire on your show! I absolutely love listening to his messages and learn so much.

  3. I would correct Mr. McGuire on one point. The Church in Nazi Germany, the Reichskirche, did compromise and taught a state-sanctioned doctrine that was diluted for prohibited criticism of Nazism and its goals.

    However, there was an underground Church, called the Confessing Church, that stood in opposition to Nazism.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was part of the Confessing Church. It is all in the excellent biography by Eric Metaxes, “Bonhoeffer”.

  4. this guy was dubious because he talked about some very speculative tech and concepts as if they were absolute fact. How can we trust his judgement on anything when he is tied up with such unsubstantiated thinking.

    1. Author

      In fairness, it’s tough to footnote an interview. That’s what books are for.

  5. true, but can you footnote examples that scalar technology actually exists, and is in use today? That is speculation and could be true, BUT, without indisputable proof, how can you put that in your equations for the end times.

    That is just one of the examples of his jumping to conclusions, and creating plans based on loosely proven possibilities.

  6. Derek – I love your listening to you show because it has real depth spiritually and intellectually! Happen to catch your listener’s question doubting my comments on Scalar Technology. I certainly understand the listeners skepticism as I am personally skeptical about just about everything including Scalar Technology before I did my research. Col. Thomas Bearden, a high ranking military scientists has published many articles on Scalar Tech he can find on the Internet. In addition, it is important to understand that officially Scalar Technology does not exist. But, if you study Nicola Tesla’s tech way back in the 1920’s he discovered Scalar Tech. There is a considerable body of documented scientific evidence for the existence of Scalar Tech and Scalar waves which act somewhat like an accordion in the fourth dimension. They do not move like traditional EMF waves. Also, with the discoveries of String Theory and Quantum Physics, Scalar Tech is being proven from many sources. In addition, I have talked to a number of prominent physicists who are well aware of Scalar, But, it is important to remember that Scalar Tech officially does not exist. I don’t expect the listener to believe in the “Easter Bunny,” but if he does some research, I believe he will find the documented science he is looking for from credible sources. – Again, I love your program- Paul McGuire

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