VFTB 033: King Wells, Jr. — Ancient Myths and the Bible

THE MYTHS of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Babylonians make for fascinating reading. Great stories of gods, demigods, and heroes of old.

They’re true. Not literally, of course, but true enough that they can help our understanding of the Bible.

We discuss this idea with King Wells, Jr., publisher of the website The End Of The World As We Know It Interactive (or TEOTWAWKII, for short), and author of the new book Ancient Myths and the Bible.

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  1. I’m pretty sure they made us,as said in the bible in their image after their liekness’ and why deny the alien fact? evidence of those beings are spread world wide written in stone.And humans can make clones and other dna manipulations so why cant they? I even heard on radio here in norway 1 week ago that humans destroyd the neanderthalls. . I guess things arent what they seam to be after all.Check up Enlil and Enki same tale only more belivable since there are hard evidence of this.

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