VFTB 6/18/23: Iron and Myth 18 – Wheels of the Giants

A megalithic structure on the Golan Heights known only as Site 133, similar to Gilgal Refaim (“Wheel of the Giants”) about seven miles to the south. Click to enlarge.
Credit: Dr. Mike Freikman

JESUS BASED his ministry in a part of Israel that was known as a hotbed of supernatural activity for thousands of years—a place that features not one, but three megalithic sites described as “wheels of the giants.”

Why did he do it? What was special about the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, the ancient kingdom of Bashan—a name that literally means “place of the serpent”? 

Brian Godawa, award-winning screenwriter and best-selling author, Doug Van Dorn, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, and the Director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology Dr. Judd Burton, author of Interview With the Giant: Ethnohistorical Notes on the Nephilim, join us for our monthly Iron and Myth series to discuss the links between the region between Mount Hermon and the Sea of Galilee and the giants of old, speculate on why it’s literally covered with monuments to an ancient cult of the Rephaim, and explore the reasons Jesus may have had for choosing that area as the home base of his ministry.

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