VFTB 9/29/19: Fourth Watch Films – Higher Entities

September 29, 2019

A HIGHLY FUNDED unofficial government agency, working off the books to investigate the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. That sounds like The X-Files, Project Blue Book, or Men in Black—but it’s real.


VFTB Live: Justen Faull and Wes Faull – Belly of the Beast

November 25, 2018

SECRET SOCIETIES have been playing a long game with the United States to bring forth a long-awaited “golden race” ruled by a resurrected Osiris. Filmmakers Justen Faull and Wes Faull joins us to discuss their shocking new documentary, Belly of the Beast.


VFTB 320: Cris Putnam – The Final Roman Emperor Becomes the Mahdi

June 26, 2016

THE WORLD is heading for a cataclysmic, climactic clash of cultures. Cris Putnam, co-author with Tom Horn of the new book The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade, explains why so many Christians and Muslims are following false prophecies that will inevitably lead to Armageddon. […]

VFTB 216: Donna Howell – Redeemed Unredeemable

January 7, 2015

HOW WILL you feel if you find yourself in heaven someday — with the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz? Or the “Milwaukee Cannibal” Jeffrey Dahmer? Or members of the Manson Family? Donna Howell, co-author with Tom Horn of Redeemed Unredeemable, discusses the conversion stories of some of America’s most notorious killers and the amazing nature of God’s forgiveness.


VFTB at the OPS: Terry Cook – Beast Tech

June 18, 2014

ARE YOU ready for your implant? Author and speaker Terry Cook, co-author of Beast Tech, says we may have as little as three years before technology appears that will ultimately link recipients to the government of the Antichrist. […]

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