VFTB 336: Sharon K. Gilbert & Josh Peck – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

September 14, 2016

OUR EXCLUSIVE interviews from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference this week feature two people I see every day: Sharon K. Gilbert discusses her presentation “I Compute, Therefore I AM”, and Josh Peck, who explains why entities that defy the laws of physics are actually transdimensional, not extraterrestrial. […]

VFTB 294: Opal Singleton – Tech and Child Sex Trafficking

January 10, 2016

YOU MAY be allowing people into your kids’ bedrooms that you would never let past your front door. Opal Singleton, President and CEO of MillionKids.org and author of Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers, joins us to explain how tech is giving predators almost unrestricted access to our children. […]

VFTB at Pikes Peak: William and Claudia Koenig

August 6, 2014

THINGS ARE moving ever more quickly as we go deeper into the 21st century. William and Claudia Koenig sat down with us at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit to discuss the impact of technology on the family, and the importance of the family as a battle formation in the spiritual war around us. […]