VFTB 235: Johnny Cirucci – Illuminati Unmasked (Part 2)

March 29, 2015

THE SHAPE of Christianity — and Christendom — is being shaped in subtle ways by a group that proclaims education to be a cornerstone of its ministry. Johnny Cirucci, author of the new book Illuminati Unmasked, joins us for another discussion of the Jesuits. […]

VFTB 183: AI and Species Dominance

June 29, 2014

It is likely we’ll see a functional machine intelligence sometime in the 21st century. Dr. Hugo de Garis believes that such a development will inevitably lead to a conflict that could cause the deaths of billions. […]

VFTB 179: The Transhumanist Wager

June 1, 2014

THE FUTURE of humanity may well be determined in the 21st century. This week, we’re joined by Zoltan Istvan, author of The Transhumanist Wager, a book that lays out a new philosophy undergirding the belief that technology is the key to human immortality. […]

VFTB at the OPS: Bill Salus – Prophecy Against Iran

May 14, 2014

Bill Salus of Prophecy Depot Ministries discusses his forthcoming book, which focuses on a section of the book of Jeremiah that may prophesy judgment against Iran–possibly a nuclear disaster.


VFTB at the OPS: Sharon K. Gilbert – Crowdsourcing Antichrist

April 3, 2014

THE TECHNOLOGY we take for granted may be the infrastructure for the prophesied one-world government of the Antichrist. We kick off our series of interviews recorded at the recent Orlando Prophecy Summit with author, analyst, blogger, wife and best friend Sharon K. Gilbert.


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