USING FICTION to expose the fiction of the modern UFO phenomenon. Darrin Geisinger, author of Zero Gs: The Armor Eternal, discusses the use of storytelling to spread the truth of the gospel.

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SCIENCE FICTION has been hijacked by social justice warriors. Standing in the gap are authors such as John C. Wright, who now holds the record for most Hugo Award nominations in a single year (six). He joins us to discuss worldviews, his conversion from atheist to follower of Christ, and why insiders decided to destroy the Hugos rather than see him win a single trophy.Continue Reading

Space Command

THE FUTURE looks bright: Gleaming chrome crossing the black reaches of space on wings of fire. That’s the vision of author, director, and producer Marc Scott Zicree, who joined us to discuss his new project, Space Command. He explained why he’s going outside the normal production channels to bring thisContinue Reading