VFTB 5/8/22: Doug Woodward – Will Babylon be Rebuilt?

May 8, 2022

What, where, and who is Mystery Babylon? Doug Woodward, author of the new book Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days?, argues that the theory that Babylon must be rebuilt in the same location as the ancient city is not fully grounded in scripture.


VFTB 2/27/22: Russia and Gog of Magog

February 27, 2022

IT SEEMS like the world has gone mad. Russia has invaded Ukraine, a nation that the United States and its allies pledged to protect. Is this the beginning of the end of days?


VFTB 2/13/22: Mike Kerr – Eyes to See

February 13, 2022

AFTER TWO YEARS, the Watchmen return to Dallas! Mike Kerr of Hear the Watchmen ministries talks about the upcoming “Eyes to See” conference in Dallas and the need for the faithful to get together, especially now. […]

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