VFTB 2/9/20: Zach Drew – China, Coronavirus, and Conspiracies

February 9, 2020

Zach Drew, host of The Zach Drew Show, rejoins us to discuss the information coming from China (or lack thereof), why we should prepare for an economic shock, and some of the theories that have been floated about whether this virus escaped (or was released) from a lab.


VFTB 275: Mark Goodwin – Prepper Fiction

September 24, 2015

TROUBLESOME TIMES mean that those who prepare are best able to help others in need. Mark Goodwin, host of the Prepper Recon podcast, joins us to discuss preparedness and the latest in his “prepper fiction” series, The Days of Noah – Book Three: Perdition. […]

VFTB 270: Carl Gallups – Be Thou Prepared

September 8, 2015

AS CHRISTIANS, we are supposed to place our trust in the providence of God. How does that square with the notion of “prepping”? Pastor Carl Gallups discusses his new book Be Thou Prepared and the biblical basis for putting aside extra for times of need. […]

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