Most of us adult Christians would find coming face to face with a demon-possessed person absolutely terrifying. Imagine how it must be for the child of a parent who’s possessed.Continue Reading

IF THE first rule of warfare is knowing one’s enemy, then Christians in the West are woefully unprepared. Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, author of I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare, joins us to discuss a recent ritual performed by Roman Catholic priests in Mexico–a mass exorcism intended to drive the demons out of the country.Continue Reading

Rev. Dr. Robert H. Bennett

WE MAY have reached a point in the history of Christianity in the West where the rest of the world needs to send missionaries to the United States to remind us of things we’ve somehow forgotten along the way. Dr. Robert Bennett, author of the book I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare, discusses the reality of possession and exorcism.Continue Reading

The Supernatural Battle

HE MAY head up the most unusual paranormal investigation team in the world — and not only because it’s made up of Bible-believing Christians. Richard J. Grund, host of Reflections in the Dark and author of The Supernatural Battle: A Field Manual, formed the Supernatural Response Team in the late 1980s after heContinue Reading

ASSUMING PAUL knew what he was talking about, our struggles on Earth are with supernatural opponents, not the people we encounter at Wal-Mart or the Department of Motor Vehicles. So why do so many Christians behave as though the gospel of Jesus Christ is nothing more than a self-help manual?Continue Reading